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Big Game Bags
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 "Patented" Game Bags

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A few articles written about the Caribou Gear Game bags from some of the most reputable writers and publications in the Hunting Industry:

Elk Hunter Magazine
   RMEF Bugle


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Why does my game meat taste gamey?


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500 unit min.  Bag size: 12x21
Great Idea for Sport/Trade Shows, Gifts  Fundraisers, and Clients...
The Gift that will keep on giving year, after year!


We at Caribou Gear care about your safety and the enjoyment and privilege of hunting and fishing, we wish you the best of luck in your outdoor adventures!
The Patented Caribou Gear Game Bags are the finest meat carrying bags available. Constructed from a custom synthetic blend, a fabric that is extremely lightweight and compact, they are perfect for backcountry, guided and the do it yourself  hunter. The synthetic blend allows for optimal air circulation, and is stain resistant, washable, and extremely durable allowing you to get multiple years of use. They feature a pull string (w/cord lock) top for easy closure, locking loops which allows you to easily hang the empty bags for drying or lock the bag closed and florescent orange light reflective attachment so that you can easily (with aid of a flash light) see the bags in the darkest of nights.  Caribou Gear Outdoor Equipment Company's patented Game Bag line surely has the product system for every type and style of hunting, from the Northern Rockies of Alaska to the Serengeti plains of Africa.

See "Fresh Tracks" Host Randy Newberg's Gutless Method video 

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Kodiak: Mack's Sports. North Pole: Frontier Outfitters.                   
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New for 2014 High Country Series Caribou, Muley and The Wapiti a meat on bone system
for the back country hunter.   Order here! 

You work hard for your game meat reward, so insist on the finest meat care system

ever designed!
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We would like to thank the following magazine's for their comments:

Elk Hunter Magazine Spring 2013 Issue 1, page 73, Chris Denham; Caribou Gear continues to diversify their product line and offer packages for specific types of hunters. Their website is a little rough and hard to navigate, but the gear is solid!    

Elk Hunter Magazine
Blog Ja
nuary 6th 2013 "Feed the Obsession" Zack Bowhay - Caribou Gear Game Bag Review;  I did come across one of the best pieces of hunting gear to hit the market in a long time. My favorite thing about the bags is that they are a long term investment that can be used over and over. With old game bags I would use them once and then throw them out and buy more.

Bowhunter Magazine June 2012  Dwight Schuh; For years my wife has made bags for me out of 4-oz. cotton muslin. They’re lightweight, durable, and dense enough to prevent fly blow. Caribou Gear Outdoor Equipment Company makes excellent bags of a synthetic blend. Super lightweight, durable, and breathable.. they are ideal for backcountry game care.

Hunt Alaska Magazine May/Spring issue "After the Shot" I have used these bags and I can honestly
                                    say they are what they say, very innovative. by editor Paul Atkins 

Bob Foulkrod's
Outdoor Adventures
"Whats New" By far the best I ever used. pg. 92 Read more...

Western Hunter Magazine
: Christmas Gear Gift Ideas, pg.92 Caribou Gear game bags are so good you will need to buy not only for
yourself but all your buddies as well. If you don't yours will somehow disappear! Editor; Chris Denham  Read more...

Five Star Review on Caribou Gear Game BagsFive Star Review from (Read other reviews below)
"Product of the week"

Petersen's Hunting Magazine  Sept/11 issue "New Gear" / Petersen's Boehuntiing MagazineOctober/11 issue "New Gear"

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation "Bugle" July/August 2011 "Gear" By Rick Combs  Read more...

Black's Archery & Bowhunting and Hot Product Guide 2011

Eastmans' EBJ ATA 2010-  20+ MUST-HAVE GEAR ITEMS. by Field Editor South Cox Read more...

Eastmans' 2011 EBJ  Guy Eastmans backpack gear list. By Guy Eastman Read more...

Eastmans' 2011 EBJ  Gearing up for the back country. by Field Editor: South Cox Read more...

Chasse & Peche Magazine - Canada, (French) Les sacs Big Game
La Compagnie Caribou Gear innove avec ses nouveaux sacs de transport Big Game pour gros gibier.
Ces derniers protegent la venaison des insectes et des differents debris qu'on retrouve. au sol.
Ils sont lavables a la machine et reutilisables, pouvant vous sevir plusieurs annees. De plus, ils sont
fabriques avec un tissu qui ressemble a du cotton de bonne qualite mais qui n' en est pas!

Archery Business
"Best Gear in the West" - by Editor in Chief Mark Melotik.
"Quality game bags and Western hunting go together like bows and arrows"
See page 38 of the July/August addition.

Traditional Bowhunter "On The Market"
Developed by a hunter for a hunter, it was the trials and errors of the adventure that truly
was the inspiration for a product line that was a long time in need of change.
 See the June/July publication "On The Market" by Larry Fischer.

Eastmans' Bowhunting Journal - by South Cox  
2010 March Addition (ATA Show)
 "Call me weird, but of all the products I checked out, this one
was one of my favorites.  Why would some one get excited about a game bag! It turns out I wasn't the only
one!  What separates this game bag from the others is a combination of light weight and excellent durability.   
The bags have excellent tear resistance. "a no-see-um mesh on steroids"
South Cox - by Don Mulligan
"Wilderness hunters know a great game bag is the difference between fresh and spoiled meat.
A seasoned wilderness hunter designed these new bags and it shows.  Made from custom nylon,
they are extremely light, thin and durable. And unlike standard cotton or canvas bags,
these are much easier to clean" Don Mulligan

Other featured articles about Caribou Gear
Black's Archery & Bowhunting - by Grand View Outdoors- Canada, (French) Les sacs Big Game "Best Gear in the West" 
"On The Market"  Black's Archery & Bowhunting - by Grand View Outdoors Pic pg.85 Nov: Giant Barn- Full Rut Archery 


We are proud to announce that we at Caribou Gear LLC. have added to our tried and true tested line of quality products,
our durable products greatly compliment what you may have and or should have in your daypack!

Ultra Light Synthetic Game Bags
Innovative uniquely constructed Synthetic Big Game Bags by Caribou Gear, for the most aggressive hardcore hunting from
the Southern Rockies to Alaska.  From Yukon Moose to Blacktail deer, fish or any other raw meat item you want to protect
from insects and debris.  The big Game bags innovative construction allows for repeated use!

The fabric is so much like fine cotton, in look and feel but is 100% not cotton! This allows for superior wicking, “away”
moisture from the meat content, for best in drying properties and breathability!

Loose fit and oversized so game meat has room to breathe!  Have a look at the most unique hunting bag on the market
to date. Designed by a self-guided hunter after repeated hunts from the Southern Rockies to Alaska.  After spending
hundreds of dollars buying game bags of all types finding none quite working to the fullest potential, most were too heavy,
didn’t breathe or protect the meat from insects, and debris.  They snagged or simply tore just trying to insert the
harvested game!

Now after nearly a decade of searching for just the right fabric and design we are confident that our bags are the most unique Big Game Bags available. They are ultra light, strong and very compact for the most discriminating hardcore hunter!  

"Alaska" In the darkest of nights, with bear and wolves on the prowl for easy prey, without you putting yourself in danger or
harm's way, the bags light reflective attachments allows you from a safe distance to see that the bags are still were you
left them with your hard earned harvest  and accounted for.
fter repeated and grueling field tests we can truly say "Alaska" tried and true tested!

Ultra Light Big Game Bags are here,just in time for your next hunting adventure!                                   

The Carnivore this "HOT" new item!  Is lightweight easy carry package is ideal for the remote pack-in hunts for Deer, Sheep,
Goat and larger game.  This meat only package contains 4 - 24x21 game bags, 4 - ID Tags & locks, with a very convenient 36x36
Ground Tarp.  This well receipted sell out item is all packaged in a very durable strong storage bag.

Game Bags Spray 
- This is a very convenient item that helps fight against meat spoilage bacteria growth and insects, this
all natural citric fruit based formula is a must have for every hunter wanting to do there vary best to preserve their hard 
earned harvest.  
If you like eating wild game but don't like tainted gamy taste then this items for you on your next hunt from the 
Southern Rockies to Alaska.   

New! The Hanger
- 8/11 now Available! This seemingly simple string throw bag is not quit so simple, this well balanced
combination of string weight, solid brass
rings, and the bags fabric, allows the hunter, back packer or outdoor enthusiast to easily in the first attempt to hang rope for
shelter suspending gear or food out of reach of bear. The list of ideas of use for this very convenient items is endless, from
a clothes line, 
use "The Hanger" to hold the harvested animals leg for field dressing, and or a  dog run high line... This to is one of the
those items your sure to never leave home, when traveling into the wilderness and will very much appreciate after just
one use.  Order Here

As you make your purchase you will be redirected to our secure affiliate website: Rockies to Alaska Outdoors and their shopping cart here you will be able to purchase all of
our current and future products online.
We would like to thank you the individual, stores and club organizations that have given us great support. 
As always it is our pleasure and sole commitment at Caribou Gear LLC. to support the hunting and fishing industry! 

Caribou Gear LLC. products, Available "NOW" at Sportsman's Warehouse, Midway USA, Cabela's,
Big R Stores, and many other store outlets.

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Special Features 

"Synthetic" Ultra Light Big Game Bags have many useful features not only for hunters and fishermen.  Designed to
provide protection of harvested small game to the massive Alaska Yukon Moose!

From the ultralight but yet very strong material and uniquely sewn seams, to the pull string lock and the
night site reflective attachments the design and construction is of the highest quality.
These bags are designed with the most hardcore hunter in mind with years of tried and true
tested hunting and fishing adventures.
Ultra light Big Game packs are available in Large, Medium, and Small, with 8 to 6 bags pending pack size.
Big Game Bags are also sold individually, so that you can add to your kit as needed. 
And for a limited time you will also receive with your purchase a bonus Camp meat bag and Big Game I.D. tags.

  • Sold in bundles called "Packs"
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Patent Pending
  • Uniquely Sewn Seams
  • Light Reflective Attachments for Safety!
  • Pull String Lock
  • Convenient Lock Loop Attachments!
  • The look and feel of Cotton!
  • 100% not Cotton "Synthetic Material"
  • Not 100% Nylon 
  • Fabric - Custom Synthetic Blend For Best In Breathability!
  • Fast Drying
  • Stain Resistant
  • Ultra Light
  • Compact!
  • Loose fit and oversized so game meat can breathe
  • Optimal air circulation
  • Storage bag/stuff sack!
  • Tear proof/waterproof  -  Big Game ID Tags
  • Web support with helpful information
  • May cost more but best in value over the the long haul!
  • "Yes" we are different!