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The Lock loops can hold a considerable amount of weight but  are not designed to hold meat content weight.                                  


All game bags have the same features and fabric.

Durable Cord Lock

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Lock Loops

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Light Reflective

Light Reflective

Alaska Tried and True Tested
Alaska tried and true tested is a term meaning nature at its purest form a land of great beauty and danger, open tundra, endless mountain ranges, punishing weather, Alaska where man is but a meal, a place where you and your gear are tested to the extreme limitations!  
There is no place in this world like Alaska, when we think of field testing we think of Alaska a place nearest to our heart.  My wife, my kids then there is "Alaska"  T R  

Ultra Light Big Game Bags for you the ultimate hunter With all of the combined features of this bag we can say that the bags are the most unique, one of a kind on the market to date.  We are proud of what we have created through our years of hard work, trial and error in formulation and field testing.  It was our true dedication to the sport of hunting and fishing that we have put forth in all our efforts making it possible to bring home the hard earned harvest.  It is with this dedication that we will continue to revolutionize
the way you hunt. This patent pending Big Game Bag is sure to lighten your packing load for all your hunting and fishing desires from the highest mountain to the deepest valley, over desert flats to open tundra you can rest assure that your investment was made on the very best in game bags for many hunting and fishing seasons to come! 

The story behind the big Game Bags and their Unique Features

Ultra Light "SYNTHETIC" Patented Big Game Bags Unique Features 

Fly Proof - Fly Egg Proof - Maggot Proof - Dust Proof....Ready to use!

All single qtr bags, Full Carcass bags, Carnivore II & Magnum Packs come with Big Game ID Tags & Locks.

Heavy Duty Cord


Caribou Gear Outdoor Equipment Company

Here is how the bags came to be and information about the Big Game Bag special features.
After many years of frustration with the current bags on the market, we at Caribou Gear have designed a very useful game bag with safety in mind.  A Big Game Bag that more than adequately suits every hunters needs from the Southern Rockies to Alaska and around the world or wherever you’re hunting and fishing adventures may take you!  In the past, we have found that the super heavy canvas game bags work well if we were hunting close to camp or next to the truck.  Depending on the animal in pursuit, original purchased bags worked well on moose (did leave six inches exposed at the top) now only fit elk or deer depending on the manufacturer.  This high shrinkage was always a major and costly problem, not only did the canvas bags shrink, they were never the same compact easy packing bundle as they were new! 

This was always a problem when we pack in on foot, the canvas  bags were too heavy, bulky and we were only able to carry three at a time.  Because we were yet in need of other items, tent, and food; so it meant a return trip down the mountain for the rest of the bags.  No one in their right mind wants to do this!  
Then, the used bags looked and smelled bad no matter how many times they were washed. 
On many backpack hunts in my home state of Colorado, using canvas and cheese cloth type game bags. 

The heavy canvas was always the bag of choice. In 2001 when a friend I set out on a self-guided raft trip in Alaska, we bought 16 new canvas bags each, the bags were extremely heavy so we actually had to lighten our load by excluding other items due to our personal weight restrictions, we still had food, tent, tarps, rifles etc.

On this hunt, we harvested a massive Alaska Yukon Moose and used eight bags.  We spent all day packing the animal to the raft and floated 8 miles past the kill site, where we unloaded the gear and set the meat bags up off the ground on deadfall about seventy-five yards from camp.
With the tent set up and dinner cooking, about 80 yds away we noticed a momma bear and cubs walking our way,  we hollered and waved for about 15 minutes before she decided under her own terms to walk back into the trees.  It was a long night constantly looking out of the tent and straining to see that the meat bags weren’t being dragged off by a hungry Grizzly.

The next day we awoke with little sleep and no problems with the bear.  Two camps later we once again awoke to wolves howling along the river,  they were close because you could also hear the pups yapping.   We got out of the tent to check the meat bags along the river’s edge, again we stress and strain to see the bags but never really do.   We did see a big dark shadow... is it a bear?  Wolves?  Not wanting to surprise a hungry grizzly, neither one of us really thought it was safe to walk down the bank to check the meat bags.  That night I lay in the tent thinking that there had to be a better way of seeing the bags in the total darkness.  During that trip, I tied white strips of cloth to bags, but they to seem to disappear over a certain distance.    
This was the moment I made up my mind that there had to be a better bag! 

The Fabric   
I set out to make a better game bag that covered all the features a hunter would look for in the ultimate game bag.  The fabric first and foremost was the major obstacle because it was non- existent!  The fabric needed to be fast drying, light, shrink resistant, durable and again have the better qualities of cotton.  The key qualities were that the fabric needed to be similar to cotton in feel and have the many qualities that cotton offers such as breathability, and strength without being super thick and heavy.   Little did I know at the time that we needed to have our fabric custom manufactured so that it would have all of these great qualities! 

And so with the aid of the manufacturer engineers, we determined that it would require a blend of fabrics.  Nylon was close but not quite right, as it does not allow the fabric to breathe, thus not allowing the meat to dry and skin over, it is prone to tearing and fraying.  A blend of cotton and nylon was even better but still retained the inherent problems of cotton.  As durability and abrasion resistance was a key factor we narrowed it down to a variety of blends that suited our needs. 
Our custom fabric felt like top quality cotton, breathed like cotton, shrink resistant, stain resistant, strong, abrasion tough and ultra light.   After years of shop and field tests, we are very confident that the fabric suited our needs well!  This was a very trying and long drawn out process but the end result was well worth it. To this day, we are very pleased with our choice of fabric formulation and density and have no reason to change a thing.       

Light Reflective  
We added the reflective attachment for the added safety feature for those dark nights when the beasts roam the woods in the cover of darkness.  From the relative safety of camp, you can simply shine your flashlight in the direction of the game bags and see if they are tampered with.  This by far calms the nerves and is well worth the additional cost for a good night’s sleep knowing that the bags with your earned harvest are still there. Plus the bright Fluorescent color is used so that from a distance you can see which bags are yours amongst the rest of the hunting party or on a guided hunt, with literally hundreds of white bags at the meat locker you can simply identify our game bags from any other. Much consideration went into the placement of the reflective attachment, we determined that it must be located in an area that would not hamper the bags drying properties. On the side when on the ground and when hanging both the bottom and side would be visible.

This presented a great problem because we could not incorporate the typical stitching that is common on nearly every bag on the market today.  It required a method of stitching that was to best utilize the near full-strength of the fabric, this meant more work and more money as the cost was a great factor here.
It didn’t cross our mind in the slightest, we did not want to forgo quality over cost, our stitching distributes the weight of its content over a greater surface of the fabric plus the webbing was nicely tucked away within the seam giving us the very best in stitch strength and finish.  

Lock Loops  
The lock loops are yet another idea that came in quite handy, we ran into a problem at the cooler here our meat was taken and switched with that of a smelly much older bull, but how do you prove that the meat bags where tampered with?  Well now you can because the loops allow you to lock and leave until you have full control over what you do with your harvest.  Along with the Game Bag Packs (or purchased separately) come Big Game ID Tags that in turn come with small zip lock ties.  This Big Game ID with the aid of the zip lock tie allows you to attach the ID to one or both loops depending on your need to access to the meat.  Although the bags can be opened to a degree the meat
cannot   be removed without cutting the bags zip lock or loop.   The loops are also utilized for ease of drying when empty, or simply an aid in the opening of the bag. Do not use loops for hanging bag with loaded game meat.    

String and String Lock  
The string lock is to aid in keeping the bag tightly closed and with the aid of the strong nylon cord this too serves as a means of tightly securing the upper portion of the bags by simply wrapping the cord a few times around the excess material and passing the end through one of the loops, you now have an impenetrable insect free bag.  With lighter portions of meat you can use the cord to hang the meat or with the aid of a rope tied around the shank for heavy quarters the meat bag can be hung with the material hanging loosely from the meat content, the fabric will not dry to the meat allowing the meat to skin over (glaze).  

Big Game ID   
It has always been a major problem as to who’s game bag belonged to who, whether they're one or more hunters with harvested game in camp.  Which white bags is yours?  Which is the bag of harvested game you plan on donating?  On a multi-species hunt, what animal species is in the bag? 
Well, we at Caribou Gear have solved this simple problem by creating the Big Game ID Tag.  
This information packed Identification tag will tell you and others the content species, your name, address, contact information, species parts, date of harvest, hunter license number, and destination options and if the content is to be donated or sent to the butcher and butcher instructions.  
One of the many features is that the tags are waterproof, tear proof and brightly colored for ease of glancing identification.

Why so many sizes?  With varying sized animals with varying sized parts, why carry game bags that come in one size fits all. We decided to manufacture our bag packs with varying sized bags for these obviously varying sized parts. The number of bags accounted for the needs of many hunters or State Laws, each bag in our game bag packs have a vital role in your meat care.
There's a bag for all for quarters meat parts, ribs, camp meat bag and that trophy cape. Why not go prepared!
Our packs are sold in Small, Medium, and Large.