The picture to the left shows the game bags being washed at camp in a tub using cold creek water and camp dish soap.  With a couple of washes and rinse the bags came out nice and white.
Note: (Picture to the right) Bags hanging to dry by the lock loops using a stick. 
We used The Hanger - Item #0498 to hang game bags for drying.

Important: Do not hang the bags with meat content by the lock loops.
When returning home wash the bags thoroughly to remove remaining stains and or odors, this is a very important procedure when hunting in bear country as the odor from the last harvest may attract bear, this is also important in helping to extend the life of the Ultra Light Big Game Bags.    

The bag hanging to the right of the bag-less quarter had been wet, to show how water had wicked away from the meat to the outer surface of the bag, allowing the bag to dry in minutes, not hours or days.
We recommend hanging the quarters as shown in the picture to the right, then bag, with the top portion of the bags pull tight around the cord then wrap the cord around (see below) the fabric at the top of the bag, (such as a square knot) doing this will prevent insects from gaining access to the meat.

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Game Bag Spray - Item number; #6369

     To use these game bags you must use your PRIMAL INSTINCT! 
Go Slow, tread quietly.  scan the horizon.  Begin your day before sunrise
and hunt the last hours of  daylight
     But most of all be persistent
          hunt safe, hunt legal and good things will happen

We hope that you enjoy the use of our Ultra Light Big Game Bags as we are never at rest until we know that all our customers are pleased with the use of our products.  It is our utmost desire to produce the highest quality products available. 

We wish all of you the very best in your personal ambitions and hunting and fishing adventures.

After nine days the bag were taken down to demonstrate the recommended method of hanging the meat quarters.
The bags proved to hold up very well.
For best in drying (meat glazing) we recommend hanging the bag loose around the meat this allows the leaves, grass, dirt, and other debris to fall to the bottom of the bag unlike the form fitting type bags that compress the debris in the meat as it dries causing more trimming and meat waste.
Note: Meat glazed! (this is accredited to the great breathability of the game bags custom fabric.

This picture shows the game bags with four elk quarters "meat on bone" this stress test was over a period of 9 days with the meat hanging 9 consecutive days.
The light reflective attachments easily visible from a safe distance away,
great when hunting in bear country, easy locate or when it gets dark on your return for the last load.

Note: ID Tags attached to the lock loops.(The ID Tags contain easy check box's with a great deal of information about the hunter donation and bag content).   
The bags hanging from the strong and durable cord.
         "Light Reflective Attachments" 
We strongly recommend using game bags spray to kill bacteria/retard bacteria growth.
This will prolong spoilage. 

The following pictures show the Ultra Light Big Game Bags in use on a
Self-Guided Elk hunt near the Colorado Flat Tops.  
 The Product: Medium Game Bag Pack - Item #6468

 The medium pack contains 7 varying sized bags for the varying sized parts of the bull elk   
along with (all pack sizes contain) ID Tags- zip locks, Plastic Bag and Camp Meat Bag,
helpful Field Instruction on how to care for the meat filled bags and how to set
bear deterrents when hunting in bear country. "Keeping Camp Safe" 
as well as tips on cleaning the bags after the hunt.

Field Use Photos