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We at Caribou Gear believe that a person with knowledge and experience in the outdoors, a truly dedicated hunter/fisherman can represent a product line revolutionizing the outdoor industry.

Our team lives by the truth and honesty of what we do with a clear conscience and concise direction a clear mind and strong passion for what we eat and sleep hunting/fishing is what we do... everyday! The thought of being in the great outdoors is a part of what keeps us going, as we work away in our real jobs carving an existence doing what we must to survive.  We are ordinary people with ordinary lives coming from a wide spectrum of occupations joining together here as a team of men and women sharing our thoughts, stories, pictures and opinions on the sport of hunting and fishing. 

w/Cord Lock


Made with a unique proprietary synthetic material and a breathable durable weave

Unlike nylon our fabric is made to feel & breath like cotton without the bulk of canvas   

Although we use a great number of quality products by many name brands, we have partnered with a select few. We take pride in the equipment and services we use by selecting and accepting some of the finest in the hunting and fishing industry.

  • Fish Bags
  • Game Bag Spray
  • Camp Meat Bags
  • Full Carcass Bags
  • Alaskan Salt Bag
  • Single Quarter Bags
  • High Country Series
  • Magnum Pack Series

A New Generation of Meat Care Products

Magnum Pack Series: An extra large game bag system for varying sized game. From Deer, Elk, Moose to domestic stock and around the world.

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U.S.A. & Canada Patents

This is why pure nylon just doesn't work

ELK MOUNTAIN TAXIDERMY Official Taxidermast of Caribou Gear

The Number One Selling Game Bags In The Industry! 


A super lightweight game bag system for the back country hunter. Carry the very basic in game bags made species specific for meat on bone to meat only.

Easy Locate Day & Night


Alaska resident, professional guide, author, writer , speaker, hunt planner and owner of Alaska's largest forum Mr. Michael Strahan is a true professional with a lifetime of hands on experience and knowledge. Do you want to hunt, fish Alaska! Have a question or need the answer....join the forum. 
We are honored to have Mr. Strahans professional endorsement as this doesn't come easily, he just didn't take our word for it, he had to see and use Caribou Gear Game Bags for himself . NOW Caribou Gear Game Bags have made Mr. Strahans exclusive Meat Care Tool Lists / Tools Needed for Field Butchering of Alaska Big Game. 

What separates this game bag from the others is a combination of light weight and excellent durability, excellent tear resistance "a no-see-um mesh on steroids". Why would someone get excited about a game bag! It turns out I wasn't the only one!  "South Cox". Quality game bags and Western hunting go together like bows and arrows, Caribou Gear is by far the best game bag. They struck gold!

Co-branded and Endorsed by top Conservation Groups

Our Products:

Cotton verse Synthetic, Form fit over loose fit. Heavy Canvas verse the Ultra Light Caribou Gear Game Bags. A must read for those that are not quit sure!  Unlike any other!

Safety In Bear Country



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Light Reflective - Micro Breathable Fabric

Caribou Gear Game Bags

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Co-branded products can be found at RMEF banquets across the nation.  Call and request additional information about Co-Branded products for your club, store or event. A unique, useful product idea, giving a lasting memory for years to come of that special event.

Meat care products: game bags spray, camp meat bag, single quarter bags, full carcass bags, fish bags, Alaskan salt bag, Big Game ID Tags. 

A New Video By Professional Hunter Randy Newberg and Host of On Your Own Adventures

New Bag Size's 16"x30"

Lock Loops

​​Hunting Gear  Store, Gear, and Gear Lists. See their "Into the Wild" Day Dreamer front page photos, hunting tips, tactics, gear reviews, and more. See the most current gear lists, Alaska Self-Guided Rafting Gear List, and Base Camp Gear List.  These easy to use information packed lists are like no other that we have seen. If you're hunting Alaska this year you're going to need this gear list. Also read the moose hunting and calling tactics page.  Be sure to take advantage of the 20% off 5 day promotional game bag sale. Give a "like" and receive the latest on new gear lists, reviews and more.

Light Reflective



and stores across the USA 

Available in Alaska, Canada 




Label w/Bag Size

6" Wide


2017 Catalog (PDF)

Game Bags

Patented Game bags created for you the Ultimate Predator!

The most unique game bags ever designed, with key features designed for safety, strength and most importantly breathability.

Not just another nylon fabric - Breathable - Reusable - Extreme Durability

No stretch - Heavy Duty Stitching - Ultra Lightweight - Reusable Light Reflective - Snag Resistant - Lock loops - Stain Resistant - Tear Resistant, Shrink Resistant - Less Bulk - Wasp Proof - Fly Proof - Fly Egg Proof, Maggot Proof....Ready to Use.

ALASKA Outdoor Supersite



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Notice: We are pleased to announce our new store affiliate Hunting Gear Outfitters, designed with room to grow for easy product review streamlined selection and purchase. 


There are many attempting their hand at synthetic game bags, claiming to be the first, the original, the most innovative. They're doing this simply because our game bags have set a new standard in meat care, never before attempted or tried. We have turned the game bag industry upside down with our original patented synthetic game they're trying to keep up!    There's is a difference, their nylon and then there's ours!!!

The High Country Series The CarnivoreIII

The smallest package system in the High Country Series, is designed for bone-out meat (will house a full sized elk). This package contains 5 bags, 5 ID Tags, 5 Locks, Ground Tarp and Instructional Tips.  Bag Weight 14 oz. 

Don't be fooled by copy cat designs or misleading claims, they’re simply in it for the money! After 6 years of technical fabric design using today’s advanced technology and 7 years of real world performance. Caribou Gear’s U.S.A & Canadian patented game bags are the world's finest proven meat care system ever created. We're in it because we care!


We would like to welcome you in advance!
Sport Shows are entertaining family events and tons of fun, a great way to start the New Year, talking of the up-coming fishing and hunting seasons, see and purchase new products.
Stop by our booth at one of the scheduled events you'll find world  record mounts, gear demonstrations, get the answer to all your questions on new products, product discounts and early bird giveaways. This years early bird giveaway is the ever popular "Camp Meat Bag" this is our 10th anniversary logoed game bag free to the first 100 hundred customers. (Be sure to mention you read it here and also receive a free Caribou Gear pen).

This list is subject to change mid year as we have been known to add late scheduled events.

2019 Show Schedule    (Dated: January 1st 2019)

Denver Colorado - International Sportsman’s Exposition
Colorado Convention Center. January 10th - 13th,   Booth: B2751
Floor Plan 

Sacramento California - International Sportsman’s Exposition
Sacramento State Fairgrounds. January 17th - 20th Building B, Booth 1402
Floor Plan 

Reno Nevada - Wild Sheep Foundation
Reno Sparks Convention Center, February 7 -9, Booth 453
Floor Plan

Salt Lake City Utah - Western Hunting Exposition
Salt Palace Convention Center, February 14 - 17 Booth 1301
Floor Plan 

Heavy Duty Cord

We thank Elk Mountain Taxidermy for their generous sponsorship of Caribou Gear Outdoor Equipment Company.  We have used their award winning services for over 20 years. If you have attended our sport show booths, you have seen their work. The Salmon display or two World Record Alaskan Yukon Moose. Located in Colorado Denver Metro area.


​​Caribou Gear Outdoor Equipment Company Is Not Just Another Game Bag                              Today's New Standard, That All Others Have Followed!  

Caribou Gear's technologically advanced ultra light patented synthetic game bags are high strength and extremely breathable. With field proven advanced construction techniques taking full advantage of the fabric's strength, with surge and double stitched  seams at all stress points to maximize strength under the heaviest loads, offering the ultimate protection from insects, dirt, and debris.  Caribou Gear Game Bags are not chemically treated or require conditioning they are simply packaged ready to use for a lifetime of hunting.  
Key Features:
Light Reflective Florescent Orange Attachments:
High visibility for safety in bear country and easy locate day or night. Lock Loops : Designed for security when transporting, the dual purpose lock loops are used to hang for drying and attaching bag content Identification Tag.
Pull String Cord and Cord Lock are  high strength and made to withstand the weight of a full game bag.
Caribou Gear Game Bags are available in single quarter packages to build your own system. And species specific multi-bag package systems, full carcass bags, and cape salt bag's.  
Synthetic Nylon designed to feel and breath like cotton
Lock Loops to hang when drying and locking security  
Double Stitched Seams for maximum strength
Heavy Duty Cord and Cord Lock
High visibility blaze orange Light Reflective Attachments

Machine Washable and Reusable
• Small (Deer) 20in x 34in
• Medium (Elk) 28in x 48in
• Large (Moose) 28in x 60in  
See PackageSystem for Additional Sizes