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Read additional information about our game bags and how they compare to our competitors, in our game bag comparison more!

Attention! Recall Notice!!!! We have received numerous calls and email complaints...Let's start with THIS INFORMATION IS INCORRECT, with a little in-depth information we found that it is one of our competitors game bags that have caused such misinformation, it is they who are experiencing a recall, not Caribou Gear Outdoor Equipment Company.  We apologize for any misinformation and confusion!

We assure you we take every precaution to assure that this does not happen by inspecting and culling any flawed and imperfect substandard game bags during the packaging process.  This assures that you, our customers are receiving the very highest quality product available, and total in the field confidence.

Along with this incorrect information of a game bag recall, we have received questions as to what makes our game bags different than our competitors’ game bags.

1.  The recall is a start, it is very unfortunate for them.  Without competitors a company can become complaisant and stagnant, we as a company continue to focus on the development of our product, design, and becoming a company with quality integrity and most importantly a trusted name.

2.  We have never changed our formula and fabrication of our proprietary 100% synthetic fabric, where our competitors fabric is 100% nylon, simply put nylon is an inferior material for game meat storage, and transport this is strongly apparent over a consecutive day hunt.  Some of our competitors’ bags are 100% cotton or cotton blend, which can be heavy, bulky, stretch to a point that allows no protection, and becoming extremely delicate to use.

3.  Lock loops - the orange loops at the top of every Caribou Gear game bag made are the loops that are designed to lock the bag closed, hang to dry wet bags and for attaching the Big Game Bag ID Tags.   Although the loop stitching is very strong, meat weighted bags are not designed to support such weight.

4.  Light Reflective attachments - are attached to every Caribou Gear game bag for ease of locating game bags under low light to no light conditions with use of a flashlight.  They are also used for safely, viewing game bags on a meat pole from a safe distance while hunting in bear country.       

5. White - White is the color of our game bags and near every game bag ever made, the reason for this is simply black or dark colors absorb heat from the sun whereas light color (white) repels the rays of the sun thus keeping the meat content cooler.

6. Caribou Gear Bags are just like _ _ _ _ bags?  Wrong the Caribou Gear Bags are truly the only bag not copied or duplicated from any other fabric material or design.  Early game bags were designed from existing material, material that was originally designed and used for another purpose such as medical casting, curing, and aging of food items, compression wrap, nylon parachute material.... Our bags were and are designed from over 36 years of hunting and fishing experience and 6 years of trial and error in the formulation and design, then another 3 years of field testing. All before our initial production run 10 years later.  Some may call their fabric by some scientific name we call ours simply Tried and True Tested.  

 The color white - is the only thing in our game bag fabrication that is similar to any or all of our competitors....let there be no confusion!  

 7. Packaging - Off the shelf packaging, unlike many game bags, our game bags require no prewashing or conditioning prior to hunting, they’re simply ready to go!  Our packaging system is designed for convenience...the single quarter bag package is a reclosable "locking" plastic bag.  Our multi-game bags package system is packaged in a way that keeps the set of bags dry in the heaviest of rain.  Our mesh storage bags are an oversized mesh material so that a person can take the dirty bags and insert them back into the mesh storage bag and wash them when they have time, this breathable mesh bag allows the game bags to breathe, and not spoil, and keeps them from being lost or eaten by rodents. 

We are not going to claim that we are the first to design a game bag or a synthetic game bag for that matter, synthetic game bags go back 30 plus years when one company (no longer in business) came up with a synthetic blend of sorts.  Game bags  a means of transporting or storing meat I'm certain goes back to the beginning of mankind, but what we can say is... just like the advancements in design of modern hunting camo and fabrics, computers, cars and on and on, these advancements are created for better, lighter, faster performance... we too fall into that category.  With a truly technologically advanced design, superior fabric for strength, durability, breathability, lighter fabric and overall revolutionary design, Caribou Gear Outdoor Equipment Company is truly "unmatched by any other" setting a new standard the way we as hunters hunt, and most of all care for our game meat afield, from one hunter to another all because we do sincerely care how you care for your game meat.

Simply the best choice!

Caribou Gear Outdoor Equipment Company