Game bag weight: 16 oz.      Package size: 5.5 x 5.25

 Item #8811                           $57.99

The CarnivoreIII

The Carnivore is designed for the hunter who is only packing out meat! 
Package includes:
5 count 16" x 30" Meat Bags w/logo,  5 - ID Tags w/locks,  4'x4' Plastic Ground Tarp,Black Storage bag and field instructions.

     #0498        Price: $54.99  Order                   Bag Size - 16" Wide x 30" Tall

Single Bag Weight  2oz. x 5 = 10oz.   Package Weight 14 oz. 

5 Game Meat Bags - 4'x4' Ground Tarp, 5 Locks, Black storage Bags and field Instructions. 

The Carnivore ll complements and completes our game bag line as this bag is for the hardcore pack-in bare essentials hunter when every ounce counts. 
The Hunter that knows he can count on what's in his pack.  When hunting that remote canyon, that distant ridge, the black timber where the harvest of a lifetime dwell.   
You know you'll get there because you're only carrying what you need!

Quarter bags are great for meat on bone, (Big Game Quarters), Capes and Hides
Varmint Hunters; keep flies and insects out, but also keeps fleas and ticks in the bag, and off you"
Lightweight - Strong - Reusable

Hunters don't overlook this little bag with a big job!
"You'll likely get more use out of this bag than any other"
Lightweight - Strong - Reusable for years of service!
This small bag is designed for the hunter that wants to take a tenderloin
and or backstrap back to camp for dinner that night, along with many other
helpful uses, from organizing your day pack, stuff it with clothes or jacket
and you have a small field pillow or dirty laundry and you have a laundry bag.
A small versatile game bag. 


Makes 16 bottles or double the protection making 8 bottles pending the length of time afield and insect battle. Instructions included. 

Total weight of package is approx. 3 ounces 
Price: $9.99            Order         Product Number #6369

The product that many of us have been waiting for!
Game Bag Spray & Meat Preserve - A product that helps combat against bacteria
growth  that causes meat spoilage and deters flies from landing on game meat
and do the disgusting things flies do! This food grade Citric Acid
ingredient is well known and used by many in the Alaskan bush, but is
now available in manageable quantity and includes a pliable plastic bottle
with a fine mist sprayer. Making this product easy to use.
Comes with 2 ounces of granules and a 4-ounce bottle, all you need to
do is fill granules to the pre-measured line on the bottle and add drinking water,
shake.  Protect your hard earned harvest from the
never-ending infestation of insects and bacteria growth on your next
hunt or home aging of domestic and wild game.

1-Salt Bag, 1-2 mil Plastic Bag, 1-twist tie  (salt not included) Will contain up to 24 pounds.    Total package weight: 1.5 ounce

Spread salt evenly to raw side of cape, this draws moisture to the surface of the cape allowing water to run off, retarding spoilage. 

Package includes 6 ID Tags, 6 Zip Locks    




Parts ID - and Destination Options, Whether the content is to be donated or sent to the butcher. 
Big Game ID Tags are extremely useful in identifying the owner of the bags, bag contents, instruction, and donation information.
On a guided hunt, your guide will thank you when its time to send the meat in for shipment!  
Your butcher will thank you because all your information is in each bag!
The recipient of donated meat will thank you because when they get stopped by fish and game 
the hunters information is attached to each bag.
You'll thank Caribou Gear because you didn't donate your buddies meat by accident!

With multiple hunters in camp and multiple species taken , this information packed Identification tag  will tell you and others the content of the Big Game Bags;

Name - Address - Species harvested - Meat- Waterproof - Tear Proof Bright Florescent Orange  -  Check off boxes (minimize writing)- Contact Information  -  Donation Instructions  -  Dates 

Salt is a proven method of preserving that trophy cape and is an essential procedure assuring your trophy makes the journey home.
Prevent Hair slippage and spoilage. protect your trophy cape or hide on extend hunts. This durable bag will house and protect the required salt from wet weather conditions.

After many years of frustration with the current bags on the market, we have designed a very useful and with safety in mind  a game bag that more than adequately suits every hunters needs from the Southern Rockies to Alaska and around the world or wherever your hunting and fishing adventure may take you!

From the custom formulated Ultra Light strong synthetic material, sewn seams, lock loops, to the pull string lock and the night site reflective attachments the design and construction are first rate.  This bag was designed with the most hardcore hunter in mind. Through years of tried and true tested adventures.

This bag has many useful features,  for fish, small game to the Great Alaska Yukon Moose! 
Synthetic Game Bags that are designed to be a loose fit, for easy transport and giving the game meat of all sizes room to breathe!
Caribou Gear Game bags are well worth the extra cost with many key features unlike any other game bag, but most importantly designed for many years of service!

Attention: Although the lock loops can and will hold a considerable amount of weight they are not to be used to hold the weight of (meat) bag content. The lock loops are designed and created for locking the bags closed, attaching the big game bag ID tags and hanging during the drying process.    
This patent pending "Synthetic" Ultra Light Big Game Bag is sure to lighten your packing load for all your hunting and fishing desires from the highest mountain to the deepest valley, over desert flats to open tundra you can rest assure that your Investment was made of the very best in game bags for many hunting and fishing seasons to come!   As you make your purchase you will be redirected to our secure web store: Rockies to Alaska Outdoors here you will be able to purchase all of our current and future products online.  Be sure to look over Rockies to Alaska Outdoors website the next time you're in need of local and out of state hunting information, see Packing lists, Pictures, Guides and Services and much more.      

We work hard to bring you the very best meat care system available regardless of how you hunt; rifle, archery, guided, self-guided, the solo hunter, our products are packaged to suit the way you hunt or fish whether you go by truck, horse or hike anywhere in the world, our products are ready to go when you are and built to last hunt after hunt for years to come!                                        

Product Information

Note:  Bag Size - wide x Tall

Bag Size -  " Tall x " Wide


Game Bag Sizes:

Fish Bags

Small Full Carcass Bag - Whitetail Deer / Small Hog 
    Wide 32" x Tall 72" (2'8"x6")    $37.99  #9532 

Medium Full Carcass Bag - Mule Deer / Large Hog
7'2" 86" X 40" 3' 4"   $42.99  #6689     

Large Full Carcass -  Bull Elk / Cow Elk / Beef
9' 2" 110" X 46" 3' 10"   $52.99  #6696 
Lighweight - Strong - Reusable for years of service!

Full Carcass Bags are great for field use, transporting, or hanging at the processor's to protect against cross contamination or excessive drying. 
Also great for hanging at home during the aging process keeping meat clean and free of insects.
All sizes come with 1 Big Game ID Tag and Lock.


The synthetic game bags are sized for Deer, Elk, Caribou, Moose,
and nearly all animal species around the world.  
Package contains 1 quarter bag 1-zip lock and 1 ID Tag. this bag
and packaging is ready to simply toss in your day pack and go!

Small  20x34 -  $13.99  #6451 Deer Single Quarter Bag. 
Medium  28x48 -  $15.99 #6413 Elk Single Quarter Bag. 
Large  28x60- $17.99  #6444 Moose Single Quarter Bag. 


The Camp Meat Bag 12X21 comes with a 2-mil Plastic bag and a simple twist tie.
Put your meat (cut of choice) in the plastic bag, attach the twist tie, put this into the small game bag and you're ready to hit the trail.    

Deer Magnum Pack

Water Proof and Tear Proof

Note: All our  meat bags have the same features with light reflective attachments for easy locating or safety along with lock loops.  Our Ultra Light Big Game Bags are as diverse as you are a hunter for whatever big game you are in pursuit of, Caribou Gear has  you covered!    Lightweight - Strong - Reusable

Game Bag sizes: 4 - 40 Tall x 23 Wide Quarter Game Bags
                             1 - 16x30 Meat Parts Bag
                             1 - Vented storage bag with rubber coated mesh lower and logoed Nylon Upper. 

Muley - The species-specific bare bones product contains game bags unique to the Muley package only. A perfect fit for the Back Country Hunter. Suited for Muledeer quarters and meat parts or like sized game.
This small convenient package includes 5 game bags with our signature light reflective attachments and lock loops strategically placed for easy locate in your pack or the darkest of nights.



See product package system video.

"An inexpensive way of doing things right, and in the long run saving yourself a lot of heartache"  

Item number 8842 $8.99

The Muley

The High Country Series is the same long-life, reusable, patented Caribou Gear Outdoor Equipment Company game bags. A product designed and packaged for the remote hunter carry all provisions on their back.  This meat on bone quarter bag sets are reduced sized game bags from our popular Magnum Packs and unlike our Magnum Packs, the High Country Series is a game bag only package.    Read product review at:

Product Number    
  Sockeye Salmon 23x30 $10.99     #0525    

  Silver Salmon 26x36 $12.99    #0518    

  Chinook Salmon 20x40 $13.99  #0501 

Moose Magnum Pack

New Bag Size's

The Wapiti - The species-specific bare bones product contains game bags unique to The Wapiti package only. A perfect fit for the Back Country Hunter. Suited for Elk quarters and meat parts or like sized game.
This small convenient package includes 5 game bags with our signature light reflective attachments and lock loops strategically placed for easy locate in your pack or the darkest of nights.

Game Bag sizes: 4 - 38 Tall x 20 Wide Quarter Game Bags
                          1 - 38x20 Rib Bag
                          1 - 21x16 Meat Parts Bag
                          1 - Vented storage bag with rubber coated mesh lower and logoed Nylon Upper.

Unlike any other game bags on the market today our synthetic game bag packs are designed for varying parts for varying sized species. Magnum Packs are specifically designed for all the parts and piece's not just the leg quarters.

Magnum Packs come with 4 Quarter Bags, Rib Bag, Meat Parts Bag, neck meat, Backstrap, 2 mill Plastic Bag, twist tie, trophy cape bag, Camp Meat Bag. ID Tags, Zip Locks, Vented Storage Bag, Instructions and Meat Transfer Form.

We have a field tips page, with lots of information on capping, meat care and protecting camp from predators, our support doesn't end, as always if you need help or additional information email us from our contact us page!
Packs come with the following bags and sizes;
1- Storage bag, Florescent orange upper and lower vented rubber coated nylon mesh.  
7 to 8 big game bags (Pending Pack Size) Big Game ID Tags, Camp Meat Bag, Plastic Bag, Black XL Nitrile Gloves.
See Field Photos 

Game bag weight: 19 oz.      Package size: 5.5 x 5.25

 Item #8835                              $72.99  

Game bag weight: 18 oz.     

Package size: 6.75 x 5.5

        Item #8828                             $67.99


All new design to help you keep your catch clean and fresh.

Fishing along the shore, stream or raging river and or boat these bags are easy and convenient and ready to move to that next fishing spot when you are!
The bags are great for keeping birds from pecking and eating at your fish or when fish are simply lying in the water getting discolored and dirty while your fishing for the next fish. Keep your catch clean!

You decided to mount your catch, you will need these bags to retain color for your mount!
Great for bow fishing!  Helps in keeping your catch in one spot!

Translucent when wet!  And REUSABLE!
Great for Ice fishing! Just drop it down the hole, keeps your fish from freezing! 
Great for night fishing, easy to see because of the light reflective properties.  
The bags are available in three sizes for inland shores to the great blue sea, we have a bag that suits nearly all fish and fish sizes.

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Big Game I.D. Tags - Package of 6 - $6.99 Item Number #6406     Order 

View our product package system video's

See product package system video.

   $8.99   Order        Item Number #6420

4 - 34 Tall x 18 wide Quarter Game Bags
1 - 21x16 Meat Parts Bag
1 - Vented storage bag with rubber coated mesh lower and logoed Nylon Upper.  

Caribou - The species-specific bare bones product contains game bags unique to the Caribou package only. A Perfect fit for the Alpine or Tundra hunter. Suited for Caribou quarters, ribs  and meat parts.
This small convenient package includes 6 game bags with our signature light reflective attachments and lock loops strategically placed for easy locate in your pack or the darkest of nights.

Elk Magnum Pack

See product package system video.



See product package system video.

Just how strong and durable, are Caribou Gear Synthetic Game Bags? 


Magnum Pack Series

Bag Count
Quarter Bag
Cape Bag
Rib Bag
Meat Parts Bag
Camp Meat Bag
ID Tags
Blk Nitrile Gloves
1 pair
1 pair
1 pair
Plastic Bag
Item Number